Starting Out

How do get a helicopter view of your cash flow forecast!

So here you are, ready to dive into the fantastical world of predicting the future cash flow of your business. Well done you, for being […]

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Do you know your 3 numbers?

Before you open the doors of your new business (be that a literal or metaphoric door if you are an online business) there are three […]

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You can have a successful business & still lose your house!

How do you feel about numbers? Does the mere contemplation of anything numeric bring you out in a cold sweat and cause your heart to palpitate. […]

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5 reasons to build a brick wall between your personal & business finances

When you start a business it’s your baby. Many people bootstrap it and without the pressure of external accountability to banks or investors it is […]

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What recording my second CD taught me about my business

Last weekend I spent a captivating two days in the recording studio at Studio 301 in Sydney laying down the tracks for my second CD a […]

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Who sits in these three chairs in your business?

You know the thing is, as far as your accounting needs go, the only difference between running a small business and a medium sized business […]

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