I teach start up founders who are are feeling stretched and lacking confidence in financial decisions to gain control of their business so they stop worrying about money, reconnect with their original passion and feel energised and free to focus on the role they love.

Did you know - That numbers lie - all the time!

If you’re an Entrepreneur they’re probably telling you exactly what you want to believe – but that doesn’t make it true.

Of course some Entrepreneurs are way too busy making money to stop and look at the books…

And sadly, that’s why SO many businesses fail and so many amazing business owners lose sleep, partners, kids, pets and their homes.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

Our mission is to rescue Entrepreneurs.

We save business owners time, stress and money!

So you don’t lose your shirt and everything else!


We have rescued clients when their businesses are in all sorts of situations including :

Just Starting out

NOW is the best and most cost effective
time to get your business books in balance, right from the start! So many clients said they wished they had called us in sooner!

Just Starting out
Thriving in successful chaos

Thriving In Successful Chaos

Our clients tell us that we have replaced
that chaos with clarity and control which in turn brings them comfort and choice about where to go next. Success without stress is our vision for you.

Experiencing Rapid Growth

Every start-up will tell you that the real risk is when things start moving quickly. You’re racing to fulfil orders, ramping up staff and production. If you don’t know your burn rate then you can’t judge your runway and your take off may end in a terrible crash.

Despite the fact that there is a definite market for what you’re selling you can’t stay in business long enough to reap the rewards of your success. Where’s the joy in that growth?!

Experiencing rapid growth
In Cashflow Crisis

In Cashflow Crisis

A crisis can hit you for any number of
reasons and at any time. Getting us in to
help then doesn’t have to mean adding to your head count permanently – we just send in the Queen of Numbers to troubleshoot and triage! Then you’re back on track with a solution and a plan.

Getting a handle on your cashflow is the
single most important thing that will keep your business boat afloat in any storm.

Ask any accounting question for free – Schedule a call with our Queen of Numbers!

Kate Holodic

Our clients have financial reports that make sense & give them exactly what they need to respond rather than react to what is in front of them.

We LOVE knowing that we’ve been able to get clients on track with their accounts even when they HATE numbers!

A quick quiz for entrepreneurs – see how many of these you get RIGHT!

  • Do you know the Right Numbers for your business?

    The stats that can be drawn from a set of financial statements could fill a book. But what use is that if you can’t read the book let alone understand what it is saying. Most business owners need only a few key figures to know how they are really going.
    Do you know what they are?

  • Do you have the Right Systems?

    The right systems can’t be purchased in a box from your local stationery store or downloaded from the internet as if “one size fits all”. The right systems are tailor made for you so the information you need is collected easily, efficiently, cost effectively and consistently. Are your systems helping or hurting your business?

  • Is your Timing Right?

    Sure you need to file tax returns but if you want to be able to use the figures you get on your business in your business then
    you need them at the right time. When is the right time? (Ok we’ll give you the answer on this one) - The right time is as soon as possible so you have the maximum amount of time to respond to opportunities and threats.

  • Do you have the Right Team?

    Getting the right team in place is not just a matter of putting names against a list of jobs. Nor is it about finding the cheapest person for the job. Its about being brutally honest about your strengths and weaknesses and finding skilled people who can work with those to give you what you need to run your business. So, let me ask you again – do you have the RIGHT
    people on your team?


If you didn’t get 4 out of 4 RIGHT – Schedule a call with
our Queen of Numbers right now!


Last Question...

Are you looking to grow your business or know anyone who does?

Then this is an ideal quick read for you
– and it’s free 🙂

5 Keys to Scaling your startup with
confidence – Free Download

You'll find this a fun book to read! The Queen of Numbers, Sandra Caves, has put her heart, her humour and her no-nonsense directness into this book to help entrepreneurs build their dream business without stress, burnout or financial blow out!

Seriously, Sandra has more than 25 years experience running her own business, and has an amazing ability to bring order out of chaos and peace in the midst of stressful times.

Did we mention that she’s a straight shooter? So you will never die wondering what she thinks about any given situation – you have been warned!

If you want the official background of her qualifications and experience – then head on over to LinkedIn and it’s all there waiting for you!

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