Hey! Have you heard?

Numbers lie! All the time!


No seriously, they do!


So you can try this......

And you never know it might work out for you.....


Right Team

Getting the right team in place is not just a matter of putting names against a list of jobs.  Nor is it about finding the cheapest person for the job.  Its about being brutally honest about your strengths and weaknesses and finding skilled people who can work with those to give you what you need to run your business.

Right Systems

The right systems can’t be purchased in a box from your local stationery store or downloaded from the internet as if “one size fits all”.  The right systems are tailor made for you so the information you need is collected easily, efficiently, cost effectively and consistently.

Right Numbers

The stats that can be drawn from a set of financial statements could fill a book. But what use is that if you can’t read the book let alone understand what it is saying.  Most  business owners need only a few key figures to know how they are really going. Do you know what they are?

Right Time

Sure you need to file tax returns but if you want to be able to use the figures you get on your business in your business then you need them at the right time.  When is the right time? As soon as possible so you have the maximum amount of time to respond to opportunities and threats.

Our Vision

is to equip a generation of small business owners, through education & coaching,

with the understanding, tools & systems to control the cash flowing through their business.

OUR dream is that this will eliminate the number one cause of small business failure

and that YOUR small business dream will be a very profitable one!

Which of these resonates with your business?

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Having a business mentor is not something I realised I needed but having an unbiased voice speak into my professional playground has been invaluable. Sandra's advice not only affects my perspective on how I operate as a small business, but filters into my personal life simply because it's just so practical!

MiriamCreative Content Creator

Sandra made sense of all the technical accounting mumbo jumbo
and at last I have financials I can understand and act on. Phew!


When Sandra came to help us we were at a desperate point. I can't remember the last time I slept through the night. I was worried we would lose our home and my kids would be out on the street. Sandra helped us build a cash flow forecast in excel and stayed with us until we were confident to run it on our own. That was seven years ago now and our business has doubled in size since then but the model she set us up still does the trick.

SimonFMCG retailer